• Tribal Clash

    Tribal Clash

    The Primal Games were just a warm up for the ultimate European event Tribal Clash. Tribal Clash was held on Blackpool sands beach a perfect location as it was local and a place I visited through my childhood. The competition took inspiration from the beach and surrounding area for the workouts.

    The teams consisted of 2 girls and 2 boys and we completed 5 workouts over a 2 day period. Over 115 teams competed from all over Europe. The workouts included squatting with a 50kg log, flipping a 70kg tyre, a 7 mile coastal path run, swimming in the freezing cold sea and the ultimate test of getting up and over an 8ft frame.

    The workouts were brutal and the weekend was a real test of mental and physical endurance. After day 1 I remember aching and being so stiff but I knew I would have to battle through it for what turned out to be an epic day 2. We battled on and finished 42nd out of 115 teams. Finishing in the top 50 amongst some great athletes felt like such an achievement.

    Some teams consisted of ex-Olympic gymnasts and swimmers and a local team had 2 of the top 20 European Crossfit athletes in their team. Competing has made me realise that as long as you put mind to it you can achieve anything and with a good support system behind you, you can achieve the almost impossible. If you would like a Crossfit programme please contact me at leanne@winners2000.co.uk