• Sunday May 5th 2013 Primal Games

    Sunday May 5th 2013 Primal Games

    If you had told me 5 years ago I would be competing at regional level for such an epic sport such as Crossfit I would’ve laughed in your face.

    leanne smith lifting weight

    Leanne Smith lifting

    Since I started Crossfit in January my strength and fitness had improved greatly. When my coach William Wood told us at the Crossfit box he was entering teams into the Primal Games Plymouth we were buzzing but knew there would be a lot of hard training ahead. With over 50 people training at the Crossfit box and only limited places on the teams the tension was high.

    We entered 3 teams into the competition and each team consisted of 3 boys and 1 girl. This meant there was only 3 possible places to compete for. With the female competition at the box being strong I knew I had to work hard to prove myself for a spot in the team. The trials consisted of gruelling workouts including mile sprints, burpees, pull up and 1 rep max on a deadlift.

    With my deadlift amounting to 90 kgs (a record at the box) I was happy that I had done all I could. When the teams were announced I was eccstatic that I had been choosen as one of the girls for the team. With the competition looming we all began training together and working on our weaknesses.

    The team

    The team

    When the day finally arrived we were all buzzing with anticipation, we all arrived at Crossfit Plymouth and we were surrounded by serious athletes, some of an olympic level. The nerves began to set in as the first workout approached.

    We all supported each other as our teams went up and we battled through press ups, olympic lifts, sprints and rowing.

    With some serious competition from all over the UK we completed our workouts. We didn’t finish top 10 but the experience was phenomenal and we came away with great inspiration and desire to train to become good enough to finish top 10. The girls were phenomenal and our efforts did not go unnoticed. The day was amazing and we meet some truly incredible athletes.

    I cannot wait for the next Primal games.