• Restoration: What Is It? And Why Should I Include It In My Workout?

    Restoration: What Is It? And Why Should I Include It In My Workout?

    What is the difference between Rest and Restoration? There is a big difference between REST and RESTORATION. Both are equally important when working towards any exercise related goal. Both rest and restoration are crucial when trying to enhance performance within the gym. REST is generally classed as sleep and important time taken not exercising and

  • Reverse Dieting

    In my last blog entry we looked at metabolic damage and what is was and how it manifests. Since learning about it and trying to figure a solution to my problem out I have come to realise I can sit around and cry about the fact that the number on the scale isn’t budging or

  • New clothing range available to all class members and PT clients

    New clothing range available to all class members and PT clients

    Leanne is delighted to announce the launch of her new clothing range – which is available to all class members and PT clients. Now available: • Zip up Crossfit logo hoodies, over the head Personal Training hoodies and Zumba/Bodypump/Bodycombat hoodies. • Dri-fit vests and t-shirts – Available with chosen logo on the back and your

  • Metabollic damage – The road to recovery

    The journey to weight loss has never been an easy one for me; changing the bad habits of a life time have proven to be a struggle yet now I am still faced with the consequences of the actions I have taken to reach my goals. This blog is to try and help educate people

  • Tribal Clash

    Tribal Clash

    The Primal Games were just a warm up for the ultimate European event Tribal Clash. Tribal Clash was held on Blackpool sands beach a perfect location as it was local and a place I visited through my childhood. The competition took inspiration from the beach and surrounding area for the workouts. The teams consisted of

  • Zumba displays in 2013

    Zumba displays in 2013

    2013 has been a busy year for Leanne Smith Group Fitness and the Zumba crew and I have been busy strutting our stuff around the South Hams. The first main display was performed at East Allington Whacky Races an annual event that sees people from all over the country come to Devon and race with

  • Coming Soon – Zumbini

    Coming Soon – Zumbini

    With a huge baby boom in the South Hams it’s only right that I adapt to cater to all the yummy mummies out there. In the New Year Zumbini will be coming to Leanne Smith Group Fitness. Let the journey to an active, healthy life begin! Designed to let adults and their little ones 0

  • Winning Times

    I have finally got an article in the Winning Times magazine!! Winners 2000 produces an A5 magazine every 3 months that is jammed with great articles and training tips and I have finally got 2 articles in there. Download the online version to read them now: http://www.winners2000.co.uk/2013/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/WT43.pdf

  • Sunday May 5th 2013 Primal Games

    Sunday May 5th 2013 Primal Games

    If you had told me 5 years ago I would be competing at regional level for such an epic sport such as Crossfit I would’ve laughed in your face. Since I started Crossfit in January my strength and fitness had improved greatly. When my coach William Wood told us at the Crossfit box he was

  • Crossfit

    What is Crossfit? Crossfit is a core strength and conditioning programme. Its fast, furious and I am obsesses with it. After doing various classes I have considered myself as generally quite fit until I started crossfit. Crossfit combines olympic weight lifting with intense cardio intervals and it has improved my strength and aerobic work dramatically