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    Personal Training in Torquay & Paignton

    Why train with Leanne?

    Leanne offers 1 to 1 personal training that pushes you to your limits and helps you achieve your goals quickly and effectively. Leanne offers a service that helps motivate you to change your life and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    She says: “I can relate to how my clients feel and I understand how hard it is to make the first step towards changing the bad habits of a lifestyle. Making the change from an overweight teen to a healthy fitness instructor has given me the tools to help others and push others to achieve their fitness goals.”

    Keeping your exercise programme fresh and having variety is the key to a successful lifestyle change and working with Leanne will ensure you always have fun with your workout whilst working hard and achieving great results.

    Leanne offers many different packages that are affordable and well worth the money.

    Personal Training Prices:

    > Programme Upgrade (recommended every 4 weeks): £25
    > 1 Hr consultation/individual session: £25
    > 1 Hr student session: £15
    > 1 Hr Crossfit workout: £30
    > Nutritional plan and food diary: £15

    Block sessions:

    > 10 x 1HR sessions = £200
    > 5 x 1HR sessions = £100
    > 1HR session = £25

    Student discount:
    > 10 x 1HR session = £175
    > 5 x 1HR session = £85

    What is included in block sessions?

    > Full assessment of present body stats and fortnightly reassessments including body weight checks, measurements and RHR checks.

    > Nutrition plan with food diary – Includes 2 week clean up phase followed by a personalised plan using all your favourite clean foods.

    > 1 Hour sessions – planned to focus on your personal goals and problem areas whilst still keeping it enjoyable and varied.

    > 24/7 support – constant support whenever you need it with goal setting, nutrition and exercise programmes.



    Leanne is a qualified level 1 crossfit coach and can create programmes and PT sessions concentrating on olympic lifting and crossfit training. Leanne has competed in many Crossfit competitions and uses her experience to create exciting, high intensity sessions that will improve your fitness, strength and agility

    10 x 1HR Crossfit sessions = £300
    1 X 1HR crossfit session = £35

    Crossfit sessions include detailed sessions on safe and effective olympic lifting and gymnastics elements of Crossfit. Constant assessments of strength and agility through varied WOD’s and skill sessions.



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    Keep fit and lose weight with Crossfit

    Click here for more information on crossfit.

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    New PT packages available at Winners 2000:

    1. 4 Week Challenge: Got an event coming up soon? Wedding? Birthday? With some help and support you can get great results in just 4 weeks. Plan includes 4 weeks worth of personal training, a 4 week gym programme for you to do in the gym and 4 weeks of nutrition and weekly weigh ins. £100

    2. 6-8 Week Challenge: £150-£200

    3. 12 Week Challenge: Includes before and after photo shoot and guest blog on your progression on the website and Facebook page. £400

    4. Bikini Body Programme: This package caters for females looking to get a bikini body for a holiday. Package includes personal training, nutrition plans; weekly check ins and a gym programme. Prices start at £150.

    5. Bride/Groom to be packages: If you are looking to get in shape for your big day then this is the package for you. This package includes personal training, nutrition plan and food diary, weekly check ins and before and after photo shoot. Prices start at £200.

    Also available online programmes:

    - Nutrition: £15

    - 4 weekly Gym Programme: £20 per month